IG: A little ❤️ for the shoulder… You may place the ball at different points around your shoulder blade as needed. Some juicy spots include but aren’t limited to: ?inner border of the scapula (rhomboids, mid n lower traps) For that you may place the ball there and gently bring your shoulders together as if to squeeze the ball between your blades. You may also do a rotating shrugging motion with your shoulder which feels amazing! Move the ball according to where you feel pressure is needed. ?upper border of scapula (Lev scap, upper traps) Here you may also do the shrugging rotation of the shoulder, raise your arm and rotate it as well. ?outer border of scapular (Lats, teres major & minor) Performing this as shown in the video will strip these muscles. The areas are very close to each other, main thing is to avoid a spot that may feel like your arm is going dead or you get a shocking sensation (means you’re on the nerve bundle that passes between these muscles). ?on the scapular itself (Infraspinatus) This is a sweet muscle to release. Feels like death but the kind you enjoy experiencing in a masochistic way? imagine tracing an M along the back of your shoulder blade starting from the midline moving outwards. Keep placing pressure on these different points and you trace the line with the ball. Tell me how it feels in the comments below?? #happyhumpday #selfcare #massage #therapy #body #work #manualtherapy #release #RMT #health #fitness #lifestyle #wellbeing #toronto #THL #thehealinglotus

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