IG: ❗LONG POST ALERT❗? What does your mind have to do with your health? Your daily experience? Perception on life? * Everything! * We generally toss around the notion that the mind controls all of our experiences, yet we seem to forget that idea when situations call us to put action to the concept. * For instance, your physical health. Neuroplasticity is a field in science whereby scientists have postulated, experimented and concluded with positivity that the brain reshapes itself according to its environment and needs. * It’s a growing field of study as we seem to have shifted from an engaged society to a disengaged one. Our level of focus has deteriorated dramatically leading us to reach for symptomatic relief rather than causal ones. * Beyond all limitations, the mind in itself is limitless. The saying, what you focus on persists has actually been proven in feats where individuals have overcome physical limitations, mentally induced muscle hypertrophy just by focusing on it and by beating health ailments that the medical industry had deemed incurable. * There are many examples of the mind’s ? and secrets. The future of the mind is radically changing where we are now living closely with machines and greatly reliant on them within our daily activities. * Where will this close relationship lead us? If it was never prevalent to learn how to shift your mindset, take control of your thoughts and reshape your health or world view before, now is the time to start. * I fantasized this morning about a merger of man to machine (BMBI) and wondered what it would be like to mentally massage someone whilst a humanoid robot performed all the physical work? (This isn’t a far off thought people lol someone out there is tinkering in a lab about this?) * My point is, in all aspects of our lives, we have the power to shape how any given situation unfolds, not groundbreaking news, but when it comes to massage/manual therapy, we hope our clients can truly sink into this idea and meet us halfway down the road to heir physical recovery through mental and physical actionable goals. It’s ALL in the mind! ALL OF IT! Work, Leisure, Life… MIND! #fin

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