Eleanore Scott

Eleanore is a talented RMT who is truly passionate about her profession and for helping clients. She is a great addition to The Healing Lotus’ team of associates and we are excited to have her on board.

As an aesthetician for 12 years, she was well sought after for her exceptional skill in providing a warm, calm and inviting environment. Her kind and understanding ear and passion to ensure satisfaction by her diverse clientele continues to be the highlight of her profession.

Throughout her time as an aesthetician, she longed to bridge the gap between her current career in aesthetics and her goal of becoming an RMT. It was at CCMH where she learned various advanced techniques that helped develop her ability to provide relaxation massage through various techniques such as; deep breathing, general Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and myo-fascial release. While in school, she focused her community outreach to those afflicted with brain injuries and to the families and patients within hospice care. This is what solidified Eleanor’s belief in the healing effects of touch therapy.

As a mother of 3, her eldest child being diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger’s, Eleanore also has a deep rooted passion to investigate the benefits of massage therapy for mental illness and autism. At CCMH she completed a research study on massage and the neurological effects it had on those afflicted with depression and anxiety. She also completed a case study on a client with depression and anxiety and was able to measure her client’s improvement in mood and lasting pain relief from receiving massage. Based on these, it is now her lifelong passion to provide therapy to both children and adults in hopes of aiding them to cope better with mental health challenges.